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The best thing about ClipHair’s high quality hair extensions is that no one will know you’re wearing them! BIG thanks to you guys for the great hair extensions that I got a couple of days ago. We only use the highest quality natural human hair and we have the best quality hair extensions that you can find. The hair has now arrived and happy to say the hair looks like it is of good quality so am excited to use this hair on my clients. For curly hair,pls don’t use the comb.Secondly, After wash pls nurse the hair with some hair oil, then the hair will be silk and soft. Upon receiving your extensions in the mail, they will have also provided you with the next darker and lighter color swatch to compare your strands to, and with no fuss, will make an exchange if needed!

Its’s very natural looking and there is so much that you can do with these clip inns. Virgin hair is hair that hasn’t been colored or processed in any way and may or may not still be growing from the head. The clip in’s are easier than the more traditional bonding hair extensions, which can damage your natural hair, are very expensive, and not easily applied or removed when you want to achieve a different hair style in just a few minutes. Human Hair Extensions Online only sells premium quality 100% human hair at the best prices. This means the hair extensions have NOT been brushed out, combed with your fingers, washed, installed, colored, or bleached.

They seriously look so natural that for once even I couldn’t differentiate between these extensions and my real hair. Pinchbraid extensions were invented in the 1980s by Minneapolis salon Hair Police They are individual locks of hair tied into the native hair with a durable upholstery thread. My name is Daisy and I really needed hair extensions for a fashion show clip in human hair extensions in our school. The second treatment of lengthening-rebondage involves gentle pulling and tugging of the hair. Once a week, carefully put your extensions in lukewarm water and apply a bit of conditioner all over. For instance, synthetic hair won’t frizz and will maintain its styled shape (so if the hair piece comes in curls, it will stay curled for days).

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We do accept exchange or return as long as you keep the hair exactly the same way it comes to you. This may be because the wearer has excessively oily hair or because there is a need to wash hair daily. If you would like our recommendation on which colour suits your hair best, upload a photo of your hair via the contact us page and send it through to us. We will then email you a recommendation of the colour that we feel best suits your natural hair. This involves a machine similar to a hot glue gun used to attach human hair extensions to individual strands of one’s natural hair of about 1/8 to 1/4 inch squared sections for a truly authentic look.

I had all sorts of problems with my hair extensions before I learned about sovast. I had my doubts when I placed my order for hair extensions as I am not really sure if I chose the right color. Achieving that celebrity look has never been so easy with Clip In Extensions for Hair. Select every colour from light blonde to dark brown and black to match your hair. I ended up only using six pieces just because wasn’t enough of my thin natural hair left to hide all the clips. Here at Pure Hair Extensions, we have a wide range of styles and colours to select from, including blonde, brown, black, red and purple hair extensions.

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